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Schaller Consulting offers expertise in transportation policy, economic and regulatory analysis, performance metrics, public engagement and market research. Bruce Schaller, Principal of Schaller Consulting, is a widely recognized expert in these fields, with over three decades of experience working for government, for-profit and non-profit entities.

Schaller Consulting focuses on urban policy issues ranging from economic analysis to public transportation, personal auto travel and taxicab and livery regulation. Areas of particular focus include:

  • Assessing the income equity effects of various public policy actions.
  • Helping cities adapt their taxi and for-hire regulatory frameworks to address the rise of new app-enabled ride services.
  • Developing and executing integrated planning and public engagement processes to ensure that policies and programs are both effective and broadly supported among key affected parties.
Bruce Schaller recently completed seven years as a senior official in the New York City Department of Transportation, where he led two divisions in the agency's development and implementation of innovative, world-class programs on street design, traffic management, pricing and parking policy, bus rapid transit and performance measurement.

Schaller Consulting has been retained by local governments, transit and airport authorities across North America. Clients include public sector agencies in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Austin, Laredo, Rochester (NY) and Ottawa, Canada and in the Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Washington DC areas. Non-profit and private sector clients include the Regional Plan Association, the Design Trust for Public Space, transit advocacy groups, international unions and major banks.

Bruce Schaller has been cited by the New York Times as "an expert on transportation." NY1 News called him "one of New York's foremost transportation experts." The Washington Post cited him as a "nationally recognized expert in the cab business." The Financial Times of London named his New York City Taxicab Fact Book the "indispensable" guide to the NYC taxicab industry.

If you are interested in discussing your needs and potential projects, please contact Bruce Schaller at

New: Addressing income inequality in major U.S. cities.

  • Abating Inequality: Rents, Wages and Renewal of the 421-a Housing Tax Exemption - An independent assessment of the de Blasio Administration's proposals to reform the controversial 421-a tax exemption program for construction of new housing in New York City. The report assesses how well the Administration's proposal meets the needs of low-income families that have been most seriously affected by rising income inequality and recommends modifications to the 421-a program to further Mayor de Blasio's goal of fighting income inequality by building affordable housing "on a grand scale."
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